Swot Analysis ADVENTURE Gaming Companies

Swot Analysis ADVENTURE Gaming Companies

·         Low customer to employee ratio.

·         Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive.

·         High customer loyalty among repeat customers.

·         A truly unique, high end, customized service offering.

·         Low cost solutions provided to budget consumers with small event organizing and group picnics.(Untapped market )



·         A slump in the economy will affect the industry as a whole.

·         An increase in terrorist acts will chill tourist perception of safety when travelling.

·         The entrance of other service providers into Odyssey’s niche.

·         Unforeseen expenditures or poor sales will threaten Odyssey’s cash position

The Internet has provided a sales medium for competitors who compete on price and has also given consumers the ability to plan and arrange trips for themselves. Like Trekrapids.com, redchilli.com.


·         Growing market that has yet to be adequately addressed.

·         Growing number of young professionals with high disposable income (dotcom boom advantage in Hyderabad and Pune).

·         The ability to spread fixed management overhead costs over an increasing number of offered



·         A challenge to find employees who possess the necessary skills and customer-centric attitude.

·         The struggle to continuously offer new and exciting trips while maintaining the level of quality that is established over time from repetitive trip offerings.

·         Having a customer base located throughout India establishing proper and timely communication with potential customer.




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