To Invest or not in Go Karting Category and to formulate Marketing Strategy

To Invest or not in Go Karting Category and to formulate Marketing Strategy

Decision Problem

Odyssey Wonder came to existence in 2010 with the objective to provide adventure tourism and impart team building learning. It offers a wide variety of adventure sports be it river rafting, trekking, hot air ballooning, parasailing, paint ball gaming , outbound training program for corporates, all terrain Vehicle ,Dirt biking ,Dune biking ,Go-karting .

At Jamshedpur, it operates from the famous Nicco Park. It conducts Paint ball gaming, Zorbing, Trampoline, of which   Paint ball gaming is the famous attraction among the visitors there. The management at Odyssey Wonder is now contemplating to introduce 5 new adventure sports in Jamshedpur – 1) All terrain Vehicle 2)Dirt biking 3)Dune biking 4)Go-karting5) Striking Cars expanding its service portfolio.

Odyssey Wonder has been Planning to setup Adventure Sports Business by Using Suitable Financial Loan. Thus it is important to plan these spending well as per the requirement of the customers and also to promote them effectively. It is a step to deliver products and services better suited to customer needs. Further, in this competitive and growing sector of adventure sports in Small City like Jamshedpur, it becomes necessary to develop and innovate to stay ahead of others and to compete. Also, as the company grows and matures, it is looking to establish its unique identity in adventure sports which is more recognized and focused.


Under the heat of intense competition from emerging players like M-Pavallion and many competitors in unorganized sector, Odyssey Wonders has increased its marketing spends. But increasing promotion expenditure is not the solution; the firm must understand what to say (message content and structure) to the target market segment and how to reach out (media) cost effectively so that more adventure sport enthusiasts get attracted to Odyssey Wonder.


Through this study the firm wanted to identify the motivating factors towards adventure sports among the youths (between 18-35 years of age-considered to be the largest segment for adventure sports) residing in Jamshedpur Region. This would help them in enhancing the effectiveness of their communication strategy.

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