Mechanical Bull Ride

MECHANICAL BULL RIDE (Equipment cost Rs 2,00,000 excluding of GST/ Rentals – Rs 15,000 per day excluding of GST) A mechanical bull, also known as a...[Read More]

Velcro Wall

VELCRO WALL (Equipment cost Rs 50,000 excluding of GST/ Rentals – Rs 5,000 per day excluding of GST) Participants wear colorful Velcro suits, with ...[Read More]

Football Dart

FOOTBALL DART (Equipment cost Rs 70,000 excluding of GST/ Rentals – Rs 7,000 per day excluding of GST) The newest craze, Kick Darts, is a hilarious...[Read More]

Body Zorbing

BODY ZORBING (Equipment cost Rs 1,00,000 excluding of GST per ball / Rentals – Rs 25,000 per day  for 6 balls) excluding of GST) Body Zorbs are lar...[Read More]

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