Water Sports


KAYAKS (Equipment cost Single seater Rs 15,000/ Double Seater Rs 20,000 excluding of GST) A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled ...[Read More]

Kids Boating

KIDS BOATING (Equipment cost – 30 kg Rs 10,000/ 60 kg  Rs 15,000/ 100 kg Rs 20,000 excluding of GST) Kids enjoy boating; they enjoy and learn boati...[Read More]

Water Roller

WATER ROLLER(Equipment cost Rs 50,000 excluding of GST/ Rentals – Rs 10,000 per day excluding of GST) A water roller  is a large inflatable drum sh...[Read More]

Inflatable Swimming Pool

INFLATABLE SWIMMING POOL (Equipment cost – 15x15 ft Rs 75,000/ 20x20 ft Rs 1,00,000/ 25x25 ft Rs 1,25,000/ 30x30 ft Rs 1,50,000 excluding of GST/ Rent...[Read More]

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